Daily Visit $16              - A daily visit for the busy dog owner includes:
(per visit)                              
  > 30 minute walk, feed, water and waste clean up 
                                             > No charge 2nd dog - Add $2 for each additional  
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Vacation Care $48       - Daily care for your pet while you are away:
(per day)                                 > Two daily visits as listed above morning/afternoon 
                                             > One twenty minute evening airing before bedtime 
                                             > Bring in paper/mail, water plants, security sweep 
                                             > No charge 2nd dog - Add $6/day for each additional dog 
                                             > Small pet care discount with vacation care 

My Home Care $35
       - Exclusive VIP home-boarding for pre-screened pets
(per day first dog)                     > All the comforts  of home for your pet in my home.
                                             > A kennel-free environment for a relaxing stay. 
                                             > 2nd dog add $20, from same household only

                                             > Limited space, on a space available basis only. 

Small Pet Care $15      - Your tiny family members need care while you are away
(once daily visit)                       > I will refresh litter box, feed and water once each day. 
                                                Cats, fish, birds, rodents, are OK.
                                                *Animals requiring special handling excluded.

VIP Pet Taxi                 - Transportation to those important appointments:
                                             > groomers, veternarian and airport transfers. 
                                                 *Fees calculated at 50 cents per mile, plus $10 per
                                             > 30 minutes of needed sit time (free rate quote) 
                                                 *A $15 minimum use fee applies for taxi service"

Special Offer on Daily Visits:

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“Ann’s Pet Service provides the highest quality of care, she is reliable and accommodates our crazy schedules. We have watched Sasha greet her. Her happy tail and wide grin is Sasha's way of telling us she is in good hands…”

Bob and Sandy Stephanites
Elgin, IL


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