Blue Ridge Beef

Ann’s Pet Service is a dealer in central Illinois for Blue Ridge Beef Raw Dog Food for dogs and cats. Blue Ridge Beef is all natural and 100% pure. Find out more about Blue Ridge Beef products at

How To Order

Please contact us to place your order. Our Blue Ridge Beef products are available for pick up only at our location in Hampshire, IL.

We do not deliver our Blue Ridge Beef products, however, delivery is available from third party companies servicing our area including Spee-Dee Delivery Service. To take advantage of this service, you will need to contact the delivery service to organize your delivery. Prior to scheduling your delivery, please ensure you have placed an order with us and also notified us that your order will be picked up by a delivery service. We will need to tell you the weight and dimensions of the package for you to complete your order with the delivery service.

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Prices may change without notice