We offer grooming at our home in Hampshire, Illinois. Pair your stay with us with a grooming package or schedule a separate grooming appointment with our professional groomer with over 25 years of experience. Read more about Sandy, our Certified Master Groomer.

Grooming Services

  • Bath: includes a bath using premium shampoo, hand dry, brush out, nails clipped or dremeled (as dog allows), ears cleaned, sanitary trim (if appropriate), and trimming of feet, eye corners, and slight bang trim (if appropriate).
  • Bath and Tidy: includes all of the services listed in “Bath” as well as trimming and shaping the dog’s outline which includes their feathers, the long hair on the rear, backs of legs, belly, as well as trimming of ears and tail when requested.
  • Haircut: includes all of the services listed in “Bath” and “Bath and Tidy” as well as a full body clip with scissor finish of the body and the head.

Please contact us for a quote for grooming. Prices are based upon the breed, size, type, and condition of coat. Special handling needs such as extra time and/or hands for elderly dogs, jumpy puppies, etc. are also taken into account.  Reasonable dematting will be done for an additional fee.  There may be an additional fee for shaving down of severely matted coats which may be necessary for the dog’s health and comfort.

Meet Our Professional Groomer

Sandy is a Certified Master Groomer with I.P.G. Inc that has over 25 years of professional experience. She graduated with Honors from the Windy City School of Pet Grooming and has certified groomers in both the United States and Canada for I.P.G. Her areas of expertise are in providing breed standard grooms as well as cute mixed breed clips. She prides herself in the quality of her work, having won grooming contests in the past as well as providing tips and tricks through grooming seminars. She has also been a judge at contests. At home, she has a German Shepherd named Onya and an American Quarter Horse named Serena.

Sandy has served many clientele through her own business as well as working with other pet care businesses in the area. She has worked with many clientele from Geneva, St. Charles, Hampshire, Sycamore, Genoa, and Huntley/Algonquin, and the surrounding area.

View Sandy’s Work

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Additional Services

Add onto your pets grooming appointment with any additional services, including Dog Boarding, Doggy Day Care, or any other additional service needed:

Dog Boarding

A small dog laying on its back
We offer dog boarding at our home in Elgin, Illinois. Your dog will have the utmost attention given to them while staying with us.

Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care at our home in Elgin, Illinois where your dog will have the utmost attention given to them during their stay with us.

If you are looking for a place to board your beloved family member in South Elgin, St. Charles, Bartlett, Elgin, Hampshire, or the surrounding areas in Illinois, please consider us as a “home away from home” for your dog while you are away.