Special Services

Grooming Services:

Please contact us for a quote for grooming.

Grooming services include: Bathing, Basic Grooming (Bath & Brush, Ear Cleaning and Nails Trimmed), Neatening-Up (Bath & Brush, Minor Coat Trim, Ear Cleaning and Nails Trimmed), and Full Groom (Bath & Brush with Full Coat Trim, Ear Cleaning and Nails Trimmed).

Grooming can be performed in conjunction with Doggy Day Care or Vacation Care.  Please contact us for a grooming quote.

** Surcharge added for excessive misbehavior or extensive hair matting

Nail Trimming:

No more clicky clack on your tile or wood floor. Keep your dogs nails properly trimmed to promote a healthier and more energetic pet. This can be done while being boarded at my home or during a daily visit.

Obedience Training $90/day:
A full day of Obedience Training that includes training for your dog as well as Doggy Day Care for part of the day.

Tired of yelling and screaming at your dog to listen? Tired of chasing your dog down because he/she does not come when you ask him/her to? Let me bring over three decades of experience to work for you. I will train or work hands on with you, through the basic obedience tasks to make your pet a lovable, enjoyable, and managable part of the family. I use a program of positive reinforcement with fun obedience training to produce a happy, fun and reliable companion for you and your family.